Makeup Series….Lottie London Part 2

Hey beautiful people!! I’m back to cover the rest of my Lottie London mega haul. I haven’t really used the smokes shadow palette much because I really do love a nude palette!! So I guess that’s a good place to start….

The Nudes

The Nudes Shadow Swatch has some really nice shades in it with a good mixture of both matte & shimmer finishes. Gotta say I was pleasantly surprised with the pigment from this palette, in all honestly I wasn’t expecting much as a lot of drugstore palettes I’ve used either have very little pigment or the powder is so dry you have to really scratch at the colour to get a decent amount to show up. I was really pleased when I started using this and the pigment was really good & the feel / texture of the shadows are nice & smooth as well. The colours blend out really nicely, I’ll pop a picture of a look I’ve done using The Nudes palette to the left to the left…sorry!

Don’t judge me I couldn’t help myself!

So back to the eyeshadow, all the eyeshadow I used in the look to the left is from Lottie London, there are about 3 colours from The Nudes palette & I used a black from The Smokes palette right at the edge to smoke the look out. The bright glitter on top is from the stunning Glitter Lagoon collection which you can check out hereThe glitters are amazing!! – The Lottie London pigments blend out so nicely which is exactly what you need when you’re working on a smokey eye but they last really well too! I kept this look on for a good few hours purely because I loved it & actually didn’t want to take it off!!

The Smokes

No I have to be totally honest & say I haven’t really used The Smokes palette much, mainly because I’ve been doing either nude or bright looks lately – I ordered a palette from Juvia’s place, so I’ve been playing with that a lot!! I LOVE IT, but we’ll cover that in another post – I’m going to make a conscious effort to use The Smokes palette either for a all together darker look or at least when I do a smoky eye to try and get stuck into it.

AM to PM Eyeliner

These eyeliners are so,so good! One is a matte dark brown & the other is a sparkly gold liner. Sad to say the gold one broke as soon as I opened it initially but I managed to fix it enough so that I could use it. They glide on smoothly & stay in place pretty well, the only downside on these is that they’re a little on the thick side so not ideal for detailed work but they’re super cute & easy to use.

The bits I didn’t try or only tried once.

  1. Tan Time Bronzer
  2. Blush Crush Blusher- Justin
  3. Shimmer Squad Highlighter Palette – Holographic Haul
  4. Mermaid Glow – Rainbow Highlighter
  5. Bae Primer

Just being 100% honest & transparent with everything, I took one look at the bronzer & the blusher & just knew there was no point in trying them. I have a couple of lovely pink blushers but they’re a really bright pink which I love, this is more of a peachy pinky colour which I just knew wasn’t going to work with my complexion & the bronzer…..I don’t think I need to say anything about, I’m not being shady but it’s safe to say it wouldn’t have any effect on me so I just didn’t even bother trying it.

The highlighters are ok, I haven’t really used them other than to swatch because they are more of a silver highlight rather than a gold which is what I personally prefer on myself as I have a warm undertone. So I swatched them but haven’t used them since, I’m actually not even sure where I’ve put them now…..hmm I’ll have to have a search so I can post some swatches.

Lastly we have the bae primer….I’ve used this twice & haven’t touched it since. I was quite looking forward to trying this because it’s mattifying & as we know I love, love, love a matte finish! But I was a little disappointed that it left me looking grey & didn’t play well with my foundation 😦 I’m not exactly sure what happened but it ended up making my foundation look really patchy, I tried a couple different foundations but both looked patchy. The only thing I used that was different was the primer so I just put it down to that, not sure if I was going a little crazy but I felt like I could see the grey from the primer coming through my foundation as well! I’ve gotten a couple of new foundations since I’ve tried the primer so maybe I’ll give it another go before I completely give up on it!

So there we have it, sorry its taken me a little while to come back and to the 2nd half of this one. I’ve not been great so I’ve just had zero motivation to do anything, but we rise & push through to get ish done right?!

See you on the next one xx

The Beauty Montage xx

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