Makeup Series….Fenty Beauty

Guess who’s back! Just a quick one covering the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation I’ve been using….

Makeup Series….Lottie London Part 2

Hey beautiful people! Just a quick run down on the rest of my Lottie London haul. Let me know what you think, have any of you tried Lottie London products before?

The Foundation Shade Hunt…

Just a quick one today….plus a bit of a mini rant!

Everyday Makeup Routine

I’ve been playing with colour a lot more lately, but wanted to do a post covering my everyday makeup routine…

Bentonite Clay…The Miracle Mud?

Bentonite clay…miracle mud or just another fad?!

Confessions of a Beauty Addict….

You’re probably wondering why there is yet another beauty blog right?!
Come and see what I will be chatting about and enjoy the ride!