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Soooo yep I’ve been MIA, sickness & generally busy with life now things are moving back to “normal” BUT…because the shops are open again I managed to get back on the hunt for my Fenty Beauty foundation shade & guess what, I found it!! FINALLY!!!!! I mentioned Fenty along with some other foundations I’ve really wanted to try in my Top 5 Foundations for Oily Skin Post which you can find here.

I’ve heard so many great things online as well as from people I know about this foundation so I was absolutely gutted when every time I got matched it was the wrong colour. The shade range for this foundation is amazing, but one thing to keep in mind is as this dries it will darken. The first time I was matched they went waaay too light & the 2nd time too dark so I did my own research looking at the shades wet vs dry swatches (which I’ll include below)

Soooo what did you get?!

Well I went in for a foundation & decided I’d get the primer, foundation & a setting powder as well.

I went for the travel size primer to start with as I had a few already & wanted to see how the foundation worked with the Fenty primer vs different brands. The primer is a nice creamy consistency which spreads really evenly, I tend to press primer into my skin now as I feel it evens it out a bit better & gives a smoother finish.

I got the foundation in shade 430, I could possibly have gone for 440 as well but it was a little too orange for my liking, when you put this foundation on it will look like its too light for you but stick with it as it darkens as it dries! You have to work pretty quickly with this though because this dries very quickly, none of that put some on & have a little dance business with Fenty she got things to do haha!

This foundation darkens as it dries so don’t be put off it it looks a little to light when you first start applying it,
Any Cons…

I wouldn’t say it’s a con per say but the staying power on the Fenty compared to my trusty Estee Lauder isn’t as good. I really, really wanted this to last in the same way but unfortunately it just doesn’t. I’ve only tried it with the Fenty primer & powder so far so I’m gonna try it with some other products & see if they mix well. Don’t get me wrong the foundation stays matte for a long time & a lot of people I know haven’t had any issues with it BUT…I can be soooo oily & add heat to that we’re just asking for trouble really aren’t we!!

It hasn’t happened often but there have been a couple of times when I’ve looked in the mirror & been a bit too shiny for my liking! When I’ve asked people if I look shiny they always say no but then I feel like I do so maybe that’s my own complex rather than the foundation as it has happened with Estee Lauder as well, I just find that Estee Lauder stays matte for more hours. Don’t get me wrong though I still absolutely love this foundation & it will definitely be one of my go to’s, a girl’s gotta have options right?!

Pro Filt’r Primer, Pro Filt’r Foundation in 430 & Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder in Nutmeg

Put the foundation on in small sections if you can be patient really blending it out so it has a flawless finish & doesn’t look patchy. I usually do my face in 3rds (kind of) so I’ll start on my cheek & blend it out working it onto my temples & chin, then I’ll do the same on the other side again working towards my temples & chin. Then I do my forehead, blending down my nose & temples back towards my cheeks. I pat my foundation on to give a really nice smooth finish rather than swiping it on, if I’m in a rush I’ll buff it out but I think this foundation works really well with a patting motion. Generally I only need 1 layer of this foundation & it gives me all the coverage I want, but if I feel like I need a little extra you can just touch up where you need it very easily & once it dries it’s seamless.

So that’s my little run down on the Fenty Foundation. I also have a couple of the Cheeks Out Blush & if you haven’t got yourself one yet, you should!! I usually don’t like a cream blush but the Fenty ones are amazing & blend out beautifully. Have any of you tried Fenty products & what have you thought of them?

P.S – I’ve also been trying out the Juvia’s Place I Am Magic Foundation which I’ll do a separate post on as well, catch you on the next one 🙂

The Beauty Montage xx

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