The State of My Skin…

Happy new month everyone!!! How is it July already?! This year is going ridiculously fast & we haven’t even been able to do much! As you can tell from the title of this one I’m gonna have a little rant about the state of my skin….

My skin is NOT happy at the moment, not at all! It’s really sensitive, I’m breaking out & for some reason my face is itching like crazy!! Remember in the bentonite clay post I mentioned that it could be used as a face mask? Well I thought I’d give it a go & see how it went, at the time it was fine my skin felt a bit tight but it’s a mask that’s meant to draw out impurities in your skin so I wasn’t too shocked about that.

Now I can’t 100% say it was the mask that made me break out, because I haven’t exactly been sticking to my keto diet. That’s such an understatement…..I’ve been eating like a little piglet & it’s almost all been unhealthy food…but about 2 days after I used the mask I had some absolute beasts appear on my face & they still haven’t gone! I’m not saying I have beautifully clear skin, far from it & I get spots like everyone else BUT I haven’t had spots like these since high school!! They’re going down slowly but they’re soooo itchy & I just know they’re going to leave marks, I can already see my skin starting to go darker which is so frustrating considering The Ordinary products have really been helping!

Because the bentonite clay draws out impurities I was expecting to get a few spots, but nothing like what actually came out haha! These bad boys have been around for about 2weeks now, all I can say is thank goodness we are in lockdown! So now I’m being really strict with myself, I’m going back on strict healthy eating & drinking more water. I have been pretty bad with drinking water & eating right, I’ve basically been living on coffee, snacks & wine. Not a good mix at all & my skin is screaming at me “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” Well my skin & my clothes lol!! Your skin renews itself every 6weeks or so, so of course whatever you’ve been eating & drinking in that time is gong to be used to renew your skin, if you’ve eaten good nutritious food they you’re less likely to have any issues but if like me you’ve eaten a lot of highly processed foods then your skin isn’t going to thank you for it! Eat your veggies kids!!

So whilst I’m annoyed at the bentonite clay for bringing all the crud to the surface, I’m just as annoyed at myself for eating all that crap in the 1st place! Anyone else seem to be eating their body weight in snacks during lockdown or is it just me?! I seriously need to give myself a kick up the bum & sort myself out! Well I’m going back on water from tomorrow, so just 1 coffee a day then herbal tea or water for the rest of the day & I’ll booze it up at the weekend if I fancy a drink.

I have no idea whats made my face so itchy at the moment, I usually get a heat rash on my body which is awful & itches like crazy, but I’ve never had it on my face before & I don’t actually have a rash on my face it’s just itchy?! Not sure if the clay has really died out my skin but even if I put my normal toner, serum & moisturiser on after a while my face feels really hot & starts itching again. Definitely an odd one, like I said I’m gonna up my water intake & hope that that helps with calming it down a bit. FINGERS CROSSED!!

Also need to start eating properly otherwise when this is all over I’ll be rolling out of the door & none of my clothes will fit me….although that would be a nice excuse to go on a little shopping spree & buy myself a whole new wardrobe! But yeah that can’t happen haha I need to get back to feeling comfortable in my own skin again & at the moment I really don’t 😦

That’s all from me today, see you on the next one….

The Beauty Montage xx

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