Everyday Makeup Routine

Just a quick one today covering my everyday makeup routine…lately I’ve been trying to play with colour more because to be honest I think I suck at it & want to improve, but every now & again I like to go back to my neutral palette to just feel like I can do something moderately well….I hope at least!

Anyway moving on I’m just going to cover everyday makeup as if I was going to work. Generally I don’t wear much to work, but how much effort I make can depend on how early I get up & how lazy I’m feeling. I cannot be bothered to get up any earlier than I already am tbh….that’s what we have concealer for right?? To hide a multitude of sins! I’ll put a few routines below, one is super simple & is usually the one I use for work because like I said I refuse to get up any earlier. – I start work at 7am so yeah, an even earlier wake up call is a no from me! – The other is more my weekend, going to the shops or meeting up with friends for a catch up kinda vibe. Both are natural looking but one obviously has more effort put into it haha!


Before anything else, make sure you cleanse, tone & moisturise your face. Of course you want to start your makeup routine with a good skincare routine & those 3 things are essential as a starting point for a skincare routine. No point putting makeup on if you aren’t going to be looking after your skin as well.


My lazy day work routine is super duper simple. After I’ve done my skincare bits I’ll put on primer then tinted moisturiser. I add highlighter to give a nice shimmery glow, occasionally I’ll add blush to this, then mascara, lip balm & I’m off!! This is what I do majority of the time but if I feel like making a bit more of an effort I’ll do the routine below 🙂


Generally I do pretty minimal makeup to work & I do it pretty quickly because I like my bed so I spend as much time as possible in it in the morning haha! After I’ve cleansed, toned & moisturised I usually start with my brows. I don’t always do them but if I haven’t been able to get to my brow lady – like most of us in lockdown at the moment 😦 – and they’re looking a little fuzzy I’ll touch them up so they feel presentable.

Once I’ve done my brows I apply my primer & wait for a little while that drys. Then I usually go in with my foundation first, just light coverage because I don’t like feeling like I’ve got a full face on at work & blend that out with a buffing motion. Sometimes I do my concealer first & some days I’ll just wear concealer, it just depends on how I feel to be honest.

Generally I’ll just put concealer under my eyes & that’s it for work. Don’t forget to set your concealer with a powder to help it last throughout the day!

  • Primer
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Setting Powder
  • Blush (sometimes!)
  • Highlighter
  • Mascara
  • Lip Balm / Gloss
  • Setting Spray

Once I’ve set my concealer sometimes I’ll put on a little blush, not all the time but if it takes my fancy I’ll pop just a little on….Then I add my highlighter, some mascara, lip balm or gloss again depending on how I feel. Set it with either powder or spray…or both & I’m done 🙂

My work routine tends to change from day to day, literally depending on how I’m feeling or if I wake up early or late….what can I say my bed loves me & we hate parting ways haha!


Pretty similar to the previous one tbh…but I might change the products up a little.

  • Primer
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Setting Powder
  • Blush
  • Highlighter
  • Eye Shadow
  • Eye Liner
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick & Gloss
  • Setting Spray

Just like before after skincare I’ll do my eyebrows & apply primer. Then I’ll put on a layer of my foundation just like before, when I’m not going to work I’ll spent more time on my foundation & pat in into my skin rather than buff it in. I personally find this gives more of an airbrushed look that I prefer. After this I’ll go in with my concealer.

I apply concealer under my eyes, my forehead, my chin, sides of my mouth & sometimes just under my cheekbones to really make that contour pop! Like I said before I let the concealer sit under my eyes a little so I’ll blend everything else out 1st then do under my eyes last. I blend my concealer out & up towards my temples just to give me that awake look – especially after a late night!! – sometimes I’ll go down the side of my nose in a triangle shape as well, still using the same patting method under my eyes to really help it last. Don’t forget to set your concealer with a powder to help it last throughout the day!

Once I’ve done my concealer I decide if I’m going to contour or not. Sometimes I’ll use a little blush to do a subtle contour rather than a full on cream & powder set. If I decide I’m doing a stronger contour I will use a concealer darker than my foundation, usually just under my cheekbones & sometimes down my nose as well. – I’m pretty lucky that my cheekbones are quite high, but what I love about contour is you can literally give yourself new dimensions!! – Once I’ve blended out my contour I set this with powder as well, I pop on my blush & highlighter….I LOVE HIGHLIGHTER!! So I tend to build this up.

Once my base is done if I feel like putting on a little eye shadow I’ll generally go for a soft nude colour or a soft colour to match what I’m wearing, then add a little liner & mascara. Lip liner, lippie & sometimes a little gloss gets added. If I’m out for the whole day I’ll add a little translucent powder & then setting spray to keep it all in place & off I go!

I realise for some people this probably sounds really long winded but it honestly doesn’t take long at all & once you get into a routine you can do it in no time with your eyes closed 🙂


When I do these steps below it really, really depends on what foundation / concealer I have on because I know with some of my products I can use minimal setting powder / spray & I’m good for the day.

To help my makeup last sometimes I’ll spray some setting powder after certain layers. So sometimes I’ll do it after I’ve set my foundation & concealer, sometimes I’ll do it before the powder layer. It really depends on the products, but if you’re doing this before the powder layer be sure to let the setting spray dry completely or the powder will stick to it & it can look blotchy.

Then once I’ve finished everything I’ll go back in with a little translucent powder & setting spray for a couple of layers to help it all last if I know I have a long day. Again make sure you wait for the setting spray to dry before you to the 2nd layer of powder if you want to try this.

Hopefully that all made sense and you found it helpful!

See you on the next one…

The Beauty Montage xx

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