The Foundation Shade Hunt…

Just a quick one today…I’ve been thinking more & more about the shade ranges that companies have & how accessible they are.

Now I appreciate that more drugstore brands have a wider shade range – not all but some – BUT….places to pick them up seem to be few & far between especially in the UK. I came across E.L.F a few years ago & after seeing their shade range I knew I definitely wanted to give them a go. I saw the brand on Superdrug’s website so off I went on my hunt to try & find the brand in store.

There is a pretty decent sized Superdrug where I live with a big makeup range so naturally I headed there first. To my surprise they didn’t actually stock E.L.F in this store I was a little disappointed but thought ok fair enough your not gonna have every brand in store I get that. So I tried 2 more stores, which are also large stores one of which didn’t carry the brand & the other only had fair shades on display. I didn’t really want to try & order the foundation online for obvious reasons, so I just thought it’s fine I’m used to not being able to get my hands the right shade in the drugstore brands easily. It is what it is….

Then last year when I was in Newcastle of all places!! I randomly popped into a small Superdrug while I was waiting for some friends & saw E.L.F & it was what looked to be the WHOLE shade range! I was so glad to find it but at the same time a little baffed, I had been to 3 big stores – 2 in London – & had no luck but 4 hours away in a small store they had a huge shade range of the foundation & concealer as well?!

Anyway I stood there for a little while and matched myself, i picked up Nutmeg for my foundation & Deep Cinnamon for my concealer. This is now my drugstore go to foundation because I love it, the coverage is great it blends out really well & has pretty good durability considering it’s only about £8. The 16hour camo concealer is great as well! I’ve only really been using this since I got it, I might switch it up every now & again but it mixes well with most of my other foundations & a little goes a loooong way. I has a lovely creamy texture & when you first try it you probably but too much on as once you start blending it out it really does spread well & evenly as well it hasn’t gone patchy for me at all.

I did order another foundation shade online just compare, I got Coco – the swatch online looked a little lighter & the description says it has more of a neutral undertone which I am so I ordered but when it arrived I took one look & knew it would be too light. Nutmeg has more of a peach undertone which is fine & it matches me pretty well so I’ll stick with that for now. I still have my go to foundation which matches me perfectly so its fine haha.

Flawless Foundation in Nutmeg & Coco

The fact that I was able to get my hands on it was great….BUT what if I didn’t go to Newcastle? What if people cant travel that far or have zero reason to travel that far, how long would it take to find it in a store near you?! I tried 3 reasonably large stores & none of them had the right thing to offer. Even when there are “inclusive shades” on display they’re aren’t always that many….too many times I’ve been to a store & only seen like 2 or 3 darker shades but there are loads of the fairer colours….if a dark skinned person comes in, they won’t need a wider range too?! We come in all different shades boo & with different undertones as well!!! So many times I’ve been matched & they automatically pick up a red undertone & I just sit there thinking nope that ain’t gonna work love! haha anyone else had that experience?!

It’s great to see a wider range of shades in the drugstore brands I just wish the displays matched up a little better, I get that in some brands only have small displays but it would be great if it was more of an even mix of shades…..wouldn’t that me nice! I’ll give credit where it is due though the Superdrug near me has a large NYX display with a really good range of foundation & concealer shades. When this lockdown madness is over & things start going back to normal I’m probably going to give them a go, I already use the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop concealer but I definitely want to try out the foundation. I’ve seen so many American companies with darker shades that I’d love to try but they just aren’t stocked in the UK….YET!! I’m putting it into the universe that they will get over here because they look amazing.

Anyway that’s my mini rant over today….see you on the next one

The Beauty Montage xx

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