Because I can’t find the words….

I wasn’t going to use my blog to talk about subjects like this as they are far too heavy to cover on a beauty blog, but I don’t know what to say or how to express what I’m feeling today…I’ve struggled all week, I’ve struggled since I saw the video of George Floyds life leave his body, while an absolute disgrace of a being continued applying pressure – with a smirk on his face clearly enjoying the moment – to his neck cutting off his air supply. I’ve struggled with countless other videos & stories I’ve seen where different narratives lead to the same ending. We’re living in a world where we’ve seen the images of our history before our time & now we’re seeing the exact same images in our lifetime & it breaks my heart….I get stuck in a loop of wanting to know absolutely everything that is going on, being angry, being confused, being depressed, being numb & then needing to stay offline so I can take a moment to breath & re-energise after being so overwhelmed. But when I do that I feel guilty because this is still effecting people every second of everyday & feel like I should know everything that’s happening & I should know what’s going on & the cycle continues…..I don’t have the words today, but I came across these two articles, by two women who found the strength to say what I’m struggling to get out…

Where Does the Division in America Truly Lie?

By DaiJhah Owens During the last three months, I’ve tried to stay away from writing about politics. I felt it would be information overload for our readers. People were already feeling heavy enough due to this global crisis, and even though what I write is the truth, that does not make it any less depressing. […]

Where Does the Division in America Truly Lie?

Racism is ruining us — #MILLENNIALLIFECRISIS

Watching the video of George Floyd being murdered in broad daylight, by police officers, made me sick to my stomach. I cried. Watching the video of Amy Cooper borderline strangling her dog as she weaponized Christian Cooper’s race during a 911 call that she worked herself into a literal frenzy as a means to blatantly […]

Racism is ruining us — #MILLENNIALLIFECRISIS

Stay safe everyone & I’ll see you on the next one.

The Beauty Montage xx

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