Monday Motivation….


So I know some people think things just happen & you just get on with it & find a way through. I’m not gonna lie I used to be one of these people, but as I’ve gotten older I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason, regardless if you think it’s good or bad there is a reason for everything that happens, at the time it happens. It could be a lesson, it could be to build you up & make sure you are ready for the next step or progress you closer to a goal! I totally get that some people will think this is a load of waffle & that’s fine. But I do think those things happening that you think might break you, will help to make you stronger & just as you think you can’t take anymore you feel like something gives. But think about it did something give or did you change your outlook & find a way to deal with that burden?! Most of the time what’s happening might not necessary change but you still manage to carry on & get through right? So maybe you should give yourself ore credit when you get through those trials.

What’s going on right now is absolutely heartbreaking, not just from the viewpoint of people being lost, people getting sick and suffering, but in the sense of families being separated & not able to see each other. Add onto this the light that’s being shed on what is still happening in America daily as well as around the world, it’s traumatising & emotionally exhausting. People who don’t have family nearby that live alone, are having to get through this the majority of days of this alone! It’s disheartening & makes you just want to curl up into a ball sometimes & hide away.

“If it’s still on your mind, it’s worth the risk”

Source: Unknown

A few of my friends saying “I’ve been thinking about doing this course” or “I’ve always wanted to try this / start this” my response….DO IT!! I started my Instagram page after a friend told me to have more faith in myself & I’m still always surprised that anyone likes my photos. During lockdown I have been able to post more as I’ve been able to focus my energy more without distractions or excuses of well I’ve got to go here or do that. After a little while I told my cousin I was thinking about starting a blog & she didn’t even hesitate she told me to do it! So here we are, I come on here ramble on & get everything out. We can’t spend all day watching the news and the continuous coverage of struggle & sadness that’s going on at the moment. Yes we should keep ourselves up to date on what is going on in the world but if you focus only on that you will be drained and traumatised. I saw the quote to the left a while ago – I cant remember where, sorry! – & it’s stuck with me so, if you can’t get an idea or passion off your mind follow that energy & see what it brings you. If you don’t you will always wonder “what if” & that’s not a place any of us what to be!


So it’s the first day of the week & the first day of a new month so what are you going to do with this month? This is a great time to set yourself a goal, maybe its something you want to achieve in a week or maybe you want to go a bit longer & keep going till the end of the month…Still think you don’t really want to do anything? Think about it this way, we’re now halfway though the year & for most people we’ve spent at least a quarter of the year so far in our houses in quarantine!! Isn’t that insane?! Where has that time gone & what have you done with it so far? The good news is even if you’ve spent that chilling out you still have time to set a goal & smash it!


I know, I know easy to say it but what am I doing right? I’m going to try & get my diet back under control because this lockdown has not been good for my health. I’ve been merrily eating absolute rubbish & it shows 😦 I used to follow a ketogenic diet & was actually pretty happy on it I could feel the benefits when I was on strict keto vs when I was just eating rubbish. If you don’t know what a ketogenic diet is you can find out more about it here.

Another goal is to try my best to stay consistent on Instagram as well as on here 🙂 That means practising my makeup as well as sticking to the new hair & skin routines i’ll be trying out even when I don’t think they are always working

AND FINALLY… final goal is to have more faith in myself & try be kinder to myself. One we could all try, generally I’ll tell myself that I’m not good enough at something & question my abilities or tell myself that I’m rubbish etc…BUT I will be trying to gradually stop that & generally just be nicer to myself. How is it we are able to be kinder to strangers than we are to ourselves sometimes??

One to think about I guess!! That’s all from me folks see you on the next one 🙂

The Beauty Montage xx

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