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Hi everyone!!

I’m back again, this time with a quick post covering a handful of my favourite foundations 🙂

So I have super oily skin….its annoying and sometimes drives me insane, BUT they say oily skin gets less wrinkles sooooo I guess there’s a good side to it! We oily guys & girls need some kind of silver lining right?!

Anyway so I’m gonna go a super quick run through of my favourite foundations for my skin type. I love a matte look because if I go for a dewy finish, I end up looking like a disco ball by the end of the day and I’m not down with that! I’ve tried to persevere with dewy finishes but I always end up back in my safe place of a matte look, what can I say…If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!

Not sure if guys are like me but I like to change it up & try out different ones every now and again to see what out there on offer. So I’ve put together a little list for you guys of my top foundations at the moment & short, sweet explanation on why I love em 🙂

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place – This does exactly what it says on the tin! I started using this foundation about a year ago & no I have no idea why I was so hesitant to try it. It’s my go to foundation for a special occasion or when I just want full coverage that won’t budge with very little transfer. It’s a thicker creamy consistency but you don’t feel like your skin is caked.

E.L.F Flawless Finish – Affordable & great coverage without feeling like your skin is suffocating! There is a bit of transfer, but I love the way this blurs imperfections & leaves your skin looking so fresh. Plus the fact that E.L.F have such a wide range of darker complexions available fills me with so much joy!

NARS All Day Luminous – A water based super super lightweight foundation with full coverage, that lasts well & sits really nicely on the skin. Buildable without leaving that caked on look & blends out beautifully. This is so lightweight it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a full coverage foundation at all.

All Day Luminous in the clear bottle

Younique Mineral Touch – Another water based foundation, that’s quite sheer but buildable to the look you want. It goes on as a liquid but has more like a powder finish when it sets, leaving a nice soft matte finish. There isn’t a huge shade range for this one but because it is quite sheer, you might be able to get away with either something close to your skin tone or maybe mixing two together…I was lucky enough to find a shade that matched me really well.

Body Shop Matte Clay – This is another one that shocked me, I always think that the “drugstore” foundations will let me down, not only because of the shades but also because I’m a right oily one! Again the darker shade range isn’t great, but if you can give this a go I definitely would. I have gone a little shiny wearing thing but only a couple of times, so maybe it was more to do with my skin being extra oily rather than the foundation formula. It gives a nice coverage whilst being breathable, it’s quite a thick consistency but once it sets it feels like a fine powder.


Those are my absolute favourite foundations at the moment, but I have to add in some honourable mentions that I also really love, I still use these but not as often as the others.

Skin Tint is in the black bottle

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint – This is great for those days when you don’t really want to wear foundation & you just want a super lightweight feel to your base. This is a skin tint so not quite full coverage, BUT for something a of people compare to a tinted moisturiser the coverage is insane. Your skin feel like it can breath but you still get a nice about of coverage with a soft matte look & as it sets into your skin it just gives a beautifully natural finish. I’ve been using this more & more as the weather has been getting hotter & I really like it, breathable but a nice natural finished with great coverage!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid – A staple in most peoples makeup bags, it’s definitely always in mine. Sometimes I use this to mix with other foundations if they aren’t quite the right shade. This foundation offers a huge shade range, but I reckon they could still go darker to really cover all bases. It’s a nice creamy consistency with a matte finish, that usually lasts most of the day but you might need a few touch ups in between. I seem to be using this less & less since I’ve moved over to Estée Lauder but it’s still a great one to have in your bag!

The Ones I’m Still Trying Or want to try…

Just a few more I promise!! I’m obsessed sorry but there are also a few that I’m still trying & want to try out, have you used any of the foundations I’ve mentioned so far?

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof – I haven’t had this one long, but I using it to mix things up a little as we head into the summer months. Now the shade range isn’t as good as the Studio Fix Fluid so the shade I have is a little dark for me, so I either mix lightening drops, some moisturiser or a lighter shade foundation to try and get a fit. I’m still trying this one out at the moment, it’s meant to be waterproof & last all day so I want to see how true that really is. There have been a few times I’ve gone really shiny wearing this and its actually cracked & started to slip 😦 Maybe it was because I mixed it with another product, but I’m going to try it on its own for a while & see how I get on.

NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – I haven’t tried any NYX foundations yet but I have used their Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer and I love it so I definitely want to give this a go. It has a good dark shade range so hopefully I’ll be able to pick something up in the right colour for me! P.S They have a sales on the stay matte but not flat foundation at the moment!! That only come in 7 shades, but you never know you might get lucky!

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte– I’m so badly wanting to find the right shade for me but every time I get matched it’s the wrong shade! Once things go back to normal, I’ll be trying to pick up one & just try to match myself like I normally do. We’ve all heard the hype around this foundation & a couple of my friends swear by it’s staying power even in humid heat!! So I was like yep imma need to try me some Fenty! The search for the correct shade however, continues….

YSL All Hours – I only used this one for a little while & I’m not gonna lie, the dark shades aren’t great. When I went into the shop to have a nosy they only had about 3 dark shades to try, online it looks like there are a few but it’s always hard to tell exactly where you stand on a shade when it’s on a screen. When I used this the it was okay, the colour was a pretty good match considering what was on offer in store, but I found that it went a little grey on me after a while. When I was trying this out it was between the Double Wear & this, sorry but Double Wear won for me! This was nice & lightweight though, I even tried some a different shade but that was worse so the colour was just a deal breaker for me!

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light – Still trying this one out at the moment, it’s meant to be the same staying power as Double Wear Stay In Place but this is light – medium coverage instead. The Light has a smaller shade range that the Stay In Place, but I managed to pick this up in the same shade as my normal Double Wear Stay In Place. That being said….the same shade in the Double Wear Light seems to be lighter & I felt like it looked a little ashy. It does feel lighter that the Stay In Place & you can definitely see a difference in the coverage, but that’s to be expected if it’s light – medium coverage. I can say that this does have great staying power so once I sort the colour out I’ll be trying this out over the summer.

Juvia’s Place I Am Magic – This last brand I am absolutely dying to try out…I actually want to try both of their foundations, they have a liquid as well as sticks. I love the branding of Juvia’s Place & to be honest I don’t know if I can wait till we are allowed to travel again to try & get this, so I might have to just roll the dice on a shade and order it online. The packaging of their palettes, the finish of their foundations, the pigment of their products…it all just looks amazing! Yup I’m gonna need to order this online and hope for the best when I’m matching my shade. That’s that decision made!

So there we have it, my top 5 along with some others I wanted to mention! Not so much a quick post I guess, sorry guys I rambled on a little haha! Maybe once I try some others the list will change! What are your favourite foundations? Do you have 1 staple that is always your go to or do you like to switch it up & try out different ones as well?

See you on the next one!

UPDATE….Just wanted to update this one a little as I’ve finally taken the plunge and ordered the Juvia’s Place foundation & concealer. Fingers crossed I’ve got the colour choice right! But I’m sure I’ll be back to have a natter about it once it arrives after 2 long weeks! 😥

The Beauty Montage xx

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    1. They’re fab! Estée Lauder colour match for me is perfect, but it really depends on who you have matching you. The girl I had was great, the machine said one colour and she was like no that’s not gonna work lol. Matte all the way!! If I go for dewy I just look like an greasy mess 😦

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