Confessions of a Beauty Addict….

Hi Everyone! I’m going to try to keep this first post short & sweet because you’re probably wondering why there is yet another beauty blog right?!

Well I’m a self-confessed makeup & beauty junkie, who just wants to share her love for beauty with others!! I’ve always been into makeup & I have always struggled with skin issues. I had pretty bad acne when I was younger & still struggle with scarring, dark marks & hyperpigmentation, I used to be really self conscious about it so I’d never leave the house without makeup on. But as I’ve gotten older & more comfortable in my own skin I’ve just come to accept that I may never fully get rid of the scars & that’s perfectly fine.

I have natural afro hair that I used to flat iron heavily every week – sometimes even daily!! I begged my mum for years to let me get it permed, but she always said no & I have to say now I’m older I am so grateful that she didn’t let me do it. Thanks mum you were right!!

A good few years ago I decided to stop flat ironing my hair & start working on getting my heavily heat damaged hair back to a healthy state, as well as continuing my journey with looking after my skin & just playing with makeup. I have tried soooo many different skincare, makeup & hair care products (some great & some not so great!). With everything that is going on right now & the market always expanding I just thought why not talk about the journey to better hair, skin & general love of makeup with others that might be on the same journey! As we are all in some form of social distancing or lock down its the perfect time to experiment with new products & techniques. At least if it all goes wrong no one will see you right?!

Like I said before I did take a little break from makeup as I just thought I was pants and always beat myself up about it not being good enough. But every now & again I would try something new to see how I got on. Lately I’ve been really pushing myself to try out new things, especially using colourful makeup. I never thought it would suit me or the colours would pop right on my skin so I always used to avoid it, but like the saying goes you have to face your fears right?! So I’m basically going to be using my blog to keep track of the good, the bad and the ugly sides of my journey & experiments so you guys get a totally honest & authentic look at what I try, regardless of how I feel it turns out!

I hope this resonates with you & you’ll come along for the ride. I’m currently trying out some of The Ordinary products which my skin seems to be loving & I tried something new for my hair as well. I’ll be posting about them later this week to keep a track of how I’m getting on. I honestly don’t know if anyone will even see this but I’m just gonna natter on & see how it goes 🙂

Hope I see you on the next one!!

The Beauty Montage xx

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